Endurance International Group | EIG, The Uncrowned King of the Hosting Industry?

There are many things going on at the back of an everyday user. Did you know EIG group is the second-largest domain shareholder in the world?

The company is acquiring all the hosting giants and doing a massive business out of it; today, EIG Hosting has 81 sister hosting companies and is still growing.

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So in this article, we are covering the biggest giant in our industry, EIG Hosting, which is now named NewFold Digital.

Through this article, you will get the most relevant information about the Endurance Group and the companies acquired by it.

Let us start with the basic knowledge about the Endurance International Group.

About the Endurance International Group?

“Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

Here is the master of all trades!

Two Indians started endurance International Group in 1998, and today they have more than 2500 employees. EIG group first established themselves in Web hosting and their web quarters in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA.

EIG group first focussed on small hosting companies and acquired them all, and in 2011 they even acquired Accel- KKR, which was established by Warburg Pincus & GS Capitals (Some of the most famous names in the industry).

Currently, the EIG group changed its name to NewFold Digital, and the core team members are:

● Jeff Fox (CEO)
● Marc Montagner (CFO)
● David Bryson (CLO)
● Kim Simone (COO)

Even Endurance International Group website endurance.com changed to newfold.com. The services which they offer now are:

  • Domains
  • Website Builder
  • Hosting
  • Data Security
  • Online Marketing
  • SEO Services
  • Dedicated Customer Service

Currently, they acquired some of the biggest names in web hosting such as; Bluehost, CrazyDomains, HostGator, Network Solutions, Register.com, Web.com, and many others.

Newfold Digital claims to offer help that they will help every customer no matter if they are in their initial stages or expertise stage, the company will help you build your online presence.

By the way, the parent company of Endurance group is Clearlake Capital Group, L.P., and in 2013 they even launched their IPO with the hike of $252 million(sold shares) at $12 each.

Now let us take a look at how many hosting companies are acquired by NewFold Digital.

Full List of EIG Hosting Brands | Other brands under EIG’s

They had 81+ web hosting companies. All the web hosting companies were once the best web hosting providers. Once EIG had acquired them, their web hosting service became poor.

Hosting CompanyAcquisition Date
A Small Orange (ASO)2010
Berry Information Systems2010
BizLand (Former name of EIG)1996
Cloud by IX2015
Escalate Internet2010
Glob@t (Globat)2010
Intuit Websites
Networks Web Hosting
SEO Hosting
Southeast Web
SuperGreen Hosting
Webstrike Solutions

Why do Website Owners hate EIG Hosting Providers? Real Story Shared Here.

There’s nothing like website owners hate EIG hosting, but everyone wants an excellent hosting service for their business.

I’m not saying NewFold Digital/ Endurance International Group is a bad website hoster. Still, you must read all the below points carefully and then decide whether EIG Hosting is good for you not. I’m not forcing my opinion. But before I start let me show you something;

web hostinf scam

Only promoted by bloggers who want affiliate commissions

EIG’s formerly BizLand is probably the most significant web hosting player today! If they pay a heavy amount to promote their site and an opportunity to earn a heavy amount from affiliates, no one will let this chance slip.

The bloggers are blindly promoting these web hosting companies (HostGator, iPage, and many more)

You must go through all the above-given tweets, then make up your mind that EIG hosting is good or not.

By the way, if you are a beginner, you will probably search on google: How to start a blog;

The results are fun!!!!

how to start a blog

All the results on the first page will recommend you to go with BlueHost or Hostgator. I can bluntly say all of the recommendations are based on the affiliate commission.

The next heading is a bit more interesting.

Pricing structure leads you into a 2–3-year trap

Wait let us start with some screenshots.

bluehost plans
hostgator plans

The First one is from BlueHost and the second one is from Hostgator.

One this you can clearly see, they want you to get trapped in their 2-3 year pricing. And people will go for it because everyone wants to save their money.

And if you think you can get your money back then sorry to tell you but this is close to impossible.

The interesting part is, all the EIG hosting companies have the same payment structure, think and choose wisely.

The funny part is No matter you live or die, Your Hosting service will be live! 😂

Let us consider you can compromise with a long-term commitment, but what about the next heading?

Overcrowded servers and slow TTFB

Smart game is here; if you want to apply to any of the web hosting companies which are owned by EIG you will be hired for NewFold Digital.

And when you get hired you have to work for 3 companies, for example, Hostgator, iPage, and Bluehost, and no matter you have any hosting knowledge or not, but you have to manage a department of 3 companies.

newfold digital

NewFold digital saves money by giving 1 server to many customers, and this makes our website very slow and the server cost saves!

With the help of the below SS, you can understand how fast hosting service is given by EIG Hosting.

server uptime

Some examples of Websites which are hosted with EIG:

Endurance International Group | EIG, The Uncrowned King of the Hosting Industry?
Endurance International Group | EIG, The Uncrowned King of the Hosting Industry?

You get no CDN, 6 Plugins each, and you get the same set of features with all of the web hosting providers. The above reports were from GTmatrix and the websites hosting on any of the EIG companies are really slow.

Support provided by the third party who doesn’t even know about hosting meanings.

When you take hosting from any of the companies which are owned by endurance group you can experience poor customer service and forget that your technical problems can be solved.

Most of the companies under EIG are rated as bad on one of the most promising platforms, Trust Pilot.

Forget about the easy migration from EIG hosting brands

Okay now, let us think you are currently using EIG services.

Sorry to tell you but you have been trapped, & you can’t come out!

EIG is in the business for soo long and you might be a fresher but they ain’t. You can get your website back from them and that’s a written fact.

If you still want to get started with them you can go for it, we are no one to stop. But think twice.

The Damaging Precision in the Web Hosting Industry

The bitter truth in the web hosting industry is, most of the names are acquired by EIG group and you will get stuck to their services for 2 or more years.

It is guaranteed that you will be dissatisfied with the services of EIG-owned web hosting companies.

And even if you plan to switch, it is possible that you may end up with another EIG-owned company. Remember all the names mentioned that are acquired by the Endurance group.

All those who are currently the customers of EIG Hosting, let me tell you one interesting thing, it will be so hard for you to migrate from there. And if you consider yourself as a happy customer of EIG hosting then guys take a look at the uptime, I think your site goes down 2-3 times every week.

Run these tests and check whether you are getting a good web hosting service or it’s just a hoax. (Pingdom and Uptime Robot).

Free tip: Always have a backup of your website so that you can run your business hassle-free no matter how bad your hosting provider is. And make your plan B ready so that you can initiate it anytime!

Should I Avoid Endurance International Group Hosting Brands?

Selecting the right web hosting provider after this article might be a tough task for you, on Host Review Area you can get the most accurate information about web hosting.

Their IPO is falling! But there’s no way they are going to fail. They are still hiring more and more people and rapidly growing!

After GoDaddy NewFold Digital is the largest domain holder and this was just an honest review of NewFold Digital hosting.

I’m not saying they are bad or fake, HostReviewArea is a platform where you can read the unbiased information of every hosting company and you can share your reviews and experiences after using Hosting from EIG.

That’s all for now, you can check more hosting reviews on our platform, and don’t forget to share your views about EIG hosting on the user-based review section.

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