Review, founded in 2014, is a cloud hosting provider offering scalable solutions tailored to your needs. Explore their services and learn more about their journey at the Review article.

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Are you considering cloud servers for your projects? Look no further! In this clouding or, we’ll explore the features, reliability, performance, and more to help you decide if it fits your needs.

This comprehensive Clouding review will show the self-managed cloud services provider’s features, reliability, and performance. Finding the right cloud platform is crucial whether you’re a developer or a server manager. Check out this review to make this the best choice for you.

Let’s get started!

Overview is all about cloud servers. It provides self-managed cloud services and is best for developers and server managers who know how to use cloud systems. It was founded in 2014, and its website is available in Spanish, English, and Catalan. It is a spin-off of Siliconhostiong and operates with servers in data centres in Spain. 

This platform is designed with adaptability in mind, offering services tailored to users’ needs. It boasts a highly secure, stable, and robust platform. It provides all kinds of functionalities users want, like high performance, scalability and the latest generation of cloud technology at their fingertips. 

It welcomes users with robust features; its security and performance are top-notch. It uses Intel Xeon cores and solid-state disk for optimum performance, Ceph storage, which automatically replicates data to multiple nodes for added security, etc. Review key Feature

User Interface offers a user-friendly interface designed for developers and server managers. The platform interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing users to manage their cloud servers efficiently. This user-friendly interface enhances the overall user experience and allows experienced users to explore robust features and resources effectively.

Reliability and Performance offers high reliability and exceptional performance with its self-managed cloud services; it provides high security and a stable platform. Intel Xeon cores and solid-state disks ensure optimum performance, while the Ceph storage system gives you additional security. All these things will help enhance the reliability and performance of your servers.

Security prioritises security by offering robust features such as high availability, triple replica storage, private network management, and flexible archiving options. The platform ensures data safety through its highly efficient infrastructure that protects cloud servers against failures. It makes it the best option for those seeking self-managed cloud technology.

Customer Support provides reliable customer support to assist users with any queries or issues. Their support team is available during regular business hours, ensuring users receive timely and effective whenever needed. It provides 24/7 assistance through emails, and if users want to contact them directly, they can make phone calls and do live chats during business hours. Their support team is available Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 2 PM and 4 PM to 7 PM.

Key Features 

Check out the key features of below:

  • High availability:’s highly efficient platform protects your cloud servers against possible failures.
  • Triple Replica: It promises you safe storage for your projects. Your data will always be hosted on three different servers, perfectly preserved.
  • Private network: Your data is safe, and you can manage it easily and agilely with the highest performance and the best power that a dedicated VLAN gives you.
  • Backups: It allows you to set up and design a backup system quickly and easily, and in seconds, you will not miss your data and history here.
  • Archived: At clouding, flexibility is crucial; provides the feature you can archive and save on costs if you don’t use your server. 

Types of Products & Services offered by offers different kinds of services; let’s list some of the major ones below: 

  1. VPS servers:’s VPS servers allow users to deploy virtual machines in the cloud, choosing and customising the resources according to their needs. These servers are suitable for both large-scale and small-scale applications.
  2. Cloud servers: Cloud hosting services allow users to deploy web applications, databases, and other services in a scalable range. They ensure minimal downtime, high availability and redundancy and provide an intuitive control panel.
  3. API: With API services, you can connect your software with clouding easily, automate your work, and forget about unnecessary management. API users can create, archive, and resize servers, automate backups, etc. 

Data Center 

Nearest Data centers help us to connect with our target audience fastly; let’s figure out the data centre of hosts its platform through the Evoultio data centre, which is located in Barcelona, Spain. It connects with redundant pathways, ensuring maximum availability and connection speed globally.

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Pros and Cons

If we check a website, there will be pros and cons; before selecting that as a proper choice, an analysis of Pros and Cons is essential:

So, let’s check out the pros and cons of Review logo


  • provides robust features with reliable resources.
  • It offers high security for your data and privacy.
  • It provides scalable resources and helps us up/down the resources according to our needs.
  • delivers a robust and reliable storage system


  • It does not give beginner-friendly tools
  • No shared hosting plans


After thoroughly reviewing, we found that the platform offers robust features, high security, and reliable performance. It is well-suited for developers and server managers familiar with cloud systems. 

With its self-managed cloud services and focus on adaptability, provides a highly secure and stable platform. It became a compelling choice for users because of its high-performance servers, triple replica storage, private network management, and flexible archiving options. stands out for its advanced features and security measures, making it a strong option for those well-known in cloud technology. Review FAQs

  1. What is’s refund policy?’s refund policy details aren’t mentioned properly on their official site; users can directly contact them via mail or call for more information.

  2. What are’s support hours? 24/7 support via email; also, if users want to call for assistance, their support team is available from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 2 PM and 4 PM to 7 PM.

  3. Are there’s hidden fees?

    No. They didn’t mention any hidden fees on their website; however, before confirming it, you can contact them directly.

  4. Does offer free website migrations?

    No relevant information about this; users need to contact them directly for more details.

  5. How long is the’s server setup process?

    The server setup process will take a few seconds; it can take up to 30 seconds to create a cloud.

  6. Does Hosting Offer Extra Services?

    Yes. In addition to the VPS plans, offers additional services such as configurable servers and high availability.

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