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UpCloud, headquartered in Helsinki, is a leading European-based cloud service provider, distinguished by its inception in 2012 by Antti Vilpponen, who continues to serve as the CEO. Since its establishment, UpCloud has garnered a reputation for delivering high-performance, reliable, and secure cloud infrastructure solutions to businesses worldwide.

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Searching for a fast and flexible cloud? Then, now, it’s time to stop your hunt! Here, we are going to present you Upcloud’s review, where we’ll be covering the features it provides and even test a few of its services to let you understand if it stands by its promises. 

In this review, we’ll review all the significant concepts of UpCloud, the major types of services, and why we suggest this as the best choice. It ensures high performance and excellent uptime for a seamless hosting experience.

So, without any delay, let’s dig into UpCloud Review!



UpCloud is a European-based cloud service founded in 2012 by Antti Vilpponen, who is still the CEO of this company. Its headquarters are in Helsinki.

Upcloud is a data-driven company offering the best solution for businesses and individuals.

It allows users to customise their hosting according to their needs and requirements. It ensures interrupted services with its SLA services.

Most of its data centres run on renewable energy, which helps it concentrate more on the targeted audience. It welcomes new users with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that helps beginners and professionals navigate the options quickly.

It offers many features, including a free trial for newbies, 24/7 customer support, data security with GDPR compliance, and more. It also provides robust services like Cloud servers, Private cloud, Block storage, managed Kubernetes, and Managed databases.

Let’s evaluate some of the significant specifications of UpCloud briefly:

User Interface

If we check UpCloud’s user interface, we will see that it offers a user-friendly control panel that allows users to manage their cloud servers and network efficiently. The interface helps beginners and professionals navigate the options and services instantly. It provides access to manage applications, deploy services, monitor performance, and configure networking options.

User Interface

Support and Security 

UpCloud offers 24/7 customer support for its users. It provides support through various channels, such as live chats, ticketing, and emails. In terms of security, UpCloud prioritises the security and privacy of your data more than anything else. It provides firewall protection, multi-factor authentication, private networks, etc. 

Email Id_[email protected]

Features of UpCloud 

Here, we’re going to evaluate some of the significant features of UpCloud:

  • Simple backup: UpCloud allows you to safeguard your business-critical data quickly and easily with this feature. With just a single click, you can get your daily snapshots.
  • Block storage: All its cloud servers come with MAXIOPS block storage as standard, and they offer industry-leading performance and reliability.
  • Customisable configurations: Users will have full control over their server resources, which allows them to customise the resources according to their needs and requirements.
  • Round-the-clock support: UpCloud provides round-the-clock support for all queries via live chat, ticketing, email, etc.
  • API IP addresses: Its API assigns IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, enhancing security and improving the server’s overall performance within existing workflows.

Pricing & Payment Method

See the pricing range of UpCloud services below:

Cloud serversPrivate cloud Managed databasesManaged Kubernetes
Starting from €7/month or $7.60/monthStarting from  €2798/month or $3038.5/monthStarting from €30/month or $32.58/monthStarting from €30/month or $32.58/month
MaxIOPS storageCPU 60-480Provides PITR backup daysControl plane nodes and data plane nodes

If we check about their payment methods, they offer several payment methods, including 3-day free trial for purchasing and adding balance to our Upcloud account, like:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Debit card
  • Internet banking

Types of Servers offered by UpCloud

Let’s dive into the significant part:

Cloud servers

Cloud servers offer several significant services, including high-performance, resilient cloud servers. You can select or customise your plan accordingly. Its robust features include world-class hardware, Automation accessibility, cloning success, daily backups, etc.

Private cloud

Private cloud servers use dedicated hardware, giving you flexibility and high performance. They ensure high data security and privacy and are safer than the public cloud. Private cloud provides many features, including a Hybrid cloud and a two-month migration-free period. 

Managed databases

Managed databases help you deploy your database hassle-free. They are supported by expert configuration and maintenance. They support MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis. They are simply scalable, highly available, and secured by design. They also provide you with automated backups. 

Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes is a fully covered orchestration system. It easily automates the deployment, scaling, and management of manual workloads. It provides many features that benefit App developers,  such as fully managed high performance, flexibility and efficiency, and high security.

UpCloud Data Center

To improve speed, security and reliability, the nearest data centres are necessary also; it helps to enhance the running of the website and concentrates on connecting with the targeted audience quickly.

UpCloud globally provides 13 data centers. Let’s list the states that provide these data centres:

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • UK
  • USA
  • Singapore
  • Sweden
  • Poland
  • Netherland
  • Spain
  • Finland
  • Germany

Good and Bads of UpCloud

Coming to the good and bad parts of UpCloud:

Good and Bads of UpCloud


The Good

  • Affordable pricing with flexibility.
  • Upcloud offers multiple data centres globally.
  • It provides 24/7 customer support for all kind of queries.
  • UpCloud offers you high performance with high storage.

The Bad

  • It doesn’t offer shared hosting.

Comparison with OVH Cloud & Akamai 

When we compare UpCloud with OVH Cloud and Akamai, there are many differences to consider. UpCloud always stands out with its user-friendly interface and 100% SLA. Also, it caters to both beginners and professionals. 

The OVH cloud offers a broader range of services, including dedicated servers and VPS, while Akamai specialises in content delivery and cloud security solutions. 

UpCloud is known for its affordable pricing, flexibility, and customisable resources compared to OVH Cloud. Akamai provides DDoS protection and is cheaper than both UpCloud and OVH Cloud.

Overall, select your best fit according to your business needs and requirements. Evaluate it properly before choosing, and always try to take advantage of free trials or contact them directly to learn more!


UpCloud is a very reliable and affordable hosting solution that offers high performance. According to the user reviews, it has a 4.4/5  rating in the trustworthy platform G2. It is a very good option for businesses and individuals looking for customisable server instances. 

We suggest you try its free trial to explore and learn about it properly. Check out its official website and try to connect with its sales team. If it is not suitable for you, look for alternatives.

We hope this review provides you with the valuable information you’re seeking. If you have any comments, please post them in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions of UpCloud Review

  1. What services are offered in the free trial?

    UpCloud provides a free trial for new users. During this period, users can activate and use all its services and features, such as fast and secure global infrastructure, 100% SLA servers, 24/7 customer support, etc.

  2. How to upgrade from the free trial to a paid account? 

    Log into your Upcloud account and look for billing there. You can upgrade your plan from free to paid.

  3. Do I have to give UpCloud my credit card information in the free trial?

    No. You don’t have to provide your credit card information in the free trial.

  4. Can I deploy a Windows Server during the free trial? 

    Yes. You can deploy the Windows server during the free trials. UpCloud’s pricing is very transparent, allowing you to explore all its services during the free trial.

  5. Why are there restrictions on the free trial?

    UpCloud made this restriction on their free trial of UpCloud to prevent the misuse of their services.

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