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VPS2day is a reputable provider of virtual private servers, founded in 2014 by Frank Müller. The company is known for offering reliable and affordable VPS solutions with a focus on high performance and customer satisfaction.

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Are you looking for reliable and high-performance VPS hosting? Then this article is for you! VPS2DAY is known for its hosting services; it provides you with SSD-powered KVM VPS servers 25 times faster than traditional hosting solutions. 

VPS2DAY focuses on providing dedicated resources, flexible pricing, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Its robust features and affordable pricing make it an ideal choice for individuals and small businesses. 

Here, we will critically review VPS2DAY with its features, services, plans, etc.

Let’s get started!

VPS2DAY Overview 

VPS2DAY is a prominent hosting provider founded in 2014. It started with a small team, and now its value in the market is very high compared to other hosting providers. It mainly concentrates on VPS hosting and provides reliable VPS hosting services across Europe and the USA. 

VPS2DAY provides SSD-powered KVM VPS servers, which are known to be 25 times faster than regular hosting solutions.

Their service is 100%  prepaid with no contracts, allowing us to work efficiently and flexibly. It offers a variety of VPS plans with dedicated resources and robust features.

VPS2DAY is best suited for individuals and small businesses looking for reliable SSD-Powered KVM VPS hosting with dedicated resources and full virtualisation. 

VPS2DAY about

VPS2DAY Key Features

 Let’s list some of the significant factors of VPS2DAY below:

  • SSD-Powered KVM VPS Servers: VPS2DAY offers SSD-powered KVM VPS servers, known for their exceptional speed and performance. These servers are 25 times faster than regular hosting solutions, ensuring quick loading times and smooth operation for websites and applications.
  • Dedicated Resources: It provides resources such as IPv4, IPv6, SSH, etc., for each VPS plan, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. This means that users have guaranteed access to their allocated resources without being affected by others on the same server.
  • Flexible Hosting Options: VPS2DAY offers a variety of VPS plans with flexible pricing and contract options. With no long-term contracts and 100% prepaid services, users can choose the plan that best suits their needs without being tied down by lengthy commitments.
  • 70+ payment options: It offers 70+ payment options. You can choose and proceed with payments according to your preferred method, such as Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, PayPal, Paysafe, etc.
  • Reliable Support and Data Center: VPS2DAY’s support team is available 24/7 to assist users with any issues or inquiries. Furthermore, their 9 data centres offer stability and security, providing a dependable hosting environment for users’ websites and applications.

Types of Products & Services offered by VPS2DAY

Products & ServicesPricing
VPS ServerContact sales
VPS Server IPv6Contact sales
Dedicated VPNContact sales

We evaluated VPS2DAY and its significant features; it’s time to check its services; it provides various VPS services at an affordable range of prices reliably and effectively.

Check its services below:

1. VPS Server 

VPS2DAY offers SSD-powered KVM VPS servers, providing dedicated resources with full virtualisation. With high-quality VPS servers worldwide, you can experience 25x faster than traditional hosting without hardware issues. Your server will be deployed in 90 seconds, and you will have full control over it. It offers a wide range of features with high security with IP addresses. 

Some of its features are:


  • High-speed SSD hosting: VPS2DAY’s VPS servers provide fully featured virtual machine SSD storage, ensuring quick set-up and fast server deployment.
  • IP change feature: You can quickly change the server’s IP address to implement privacy and security policies.
  • Backups and snapshots: Depending on the storage technology, VPs servers offer full backups or snapshots per location.
  • Server spin-up in 90 seconds: All VPSs will be provisioned after you purchase and automatically installed with your desired OS.

Plans / Pricing

VPS startVPS BasicVPS Premium
1 vCPU+25GB SSD storage1 vCPU+50GB SSD storage1 vCPU+100GB SSD storage

We believe these VPS2DAY VPS servers are affordable and the best choice for businesses and hosting platforms.

2. VPS Server IPv6

With the IPv6 VPS server, you’re getting IPv6-only VPS hosting; these are self-managed pure IPv6 servers. In an affordable range of prices, it provides IPv6 servers, helps to go beyond the limitations of IPv4, and provides pre-configured IPv6 dedicated servers. It helps to increase your online security, performance, and suture scalability, making it a promising choice for a more secure and efficient online experience.

Features of VPS server IPv6 can be listed as:


  • IPv6 Support: VPS2DAY offers full IPv6 support, enabling seamless integration with the latest networking protocols for improved connectivity.
  • Enhanced Security: With IPv6, VPS2DAY ensures robust security measures, protecting your server and data from potential threats.
  • Expanded Address Space: VPS2DAY’s IPv6 support provides a significantly larger address space, accommodating the increasing demand for unique IP addresses.
  • Future-Proofing: By embracing IPv6, VPS2DAY positions your server infrastructure for the future, ensuring long-term compatibility and scalability.

Plans / Pricing

VPS StartVPS BasicVPS Premium
1024MB RAM+2 TB Bandwidth2048MB RAM+4 TB Bandwidth4096MB RAM+6 TB Bandwidth

VPS2DAY IPv6 servers will provide high security for your data online and help increase the performance of your websites; we recommend this server first to the big commercial platforms and hosting platforms.

3. Dedicated VPN 

Dedicated VPNs protect your privacy. They will hide your IP address in less than 90 seconds, deploy your dedicated VPN, and give you unrestricted internet access. Common VPN server users use a single public IP address, but VPS2DAYS dedicated VPN service has a dedicated IP address instead. It provides robust features such as captcha reduction, a user-friendly platform, easy transactions, etc.

Let’s see some of its significant features below:


  • Reduced captchas: Sharing connectivity with thousands of users will decrease your IP’s reputation. Using a dedicated IP address lowers the chances of being seen as a VPN
  • Avoid IP blocklists: Reduce the risk of being blacklisted somewhere; with a dedicated VPN, you have full control over all your activities and, therefore, could avoid such listings.
  • Do easy transactions: It provides you with stable connectivity. We need a secure and fast internet connection for trading and watching TV.
  • Full server access with SSH: It provides SSH to manage log files and more and ensures complete control over your server.

Plans / Pricing

The pricing for a dedicated VPN is not provided on VPS2DAY’s official website, so we suggest you contact the sales team of VPS2DAY.

We highly suggest dedicated VPN services because these are very private and secure your data from all attacks. 

Data Center 

The nearest data centres will help you to target customers more. VPS2DAY offers different kinds of hosting services in various types of locations:

  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • USA
  • UK
  • Sweden
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Estonia

These centres ensure customers can choose a data centre according to their location!

Pros and Cons of VPS2DAY   

The pros and Cons are a hosting service’s right and left hands; we need to check both properly before choosing a service. 

VPS2DAY Review
VPS2DAY logo


  • VPS2DAY offers an affordable range of prices for its VPS services.
  • It provides more than 5 data centres globally.
  • They don’t provide any long or short-term contracts.


  • Its basic plans come with robust features, but you must pay an additional fee to activate it.

Why Do We Recommend VPS2DAY?

We recommend VPS2DAY because it offers a reliable and very affordable VPS server and dedicated VPN server, as well as support for IPv6. VPS2DAY’s data centre provides stability and security, ensuring a dependable hosting environment. The company’s support team is available around the clock, with no hidden fees. 

VPS2DAY is the best choice for individuals looking for SSD-powered KVM VPS hosting. With its fastest SSD-powered KVM VPS server, dedicated resources, flexible pricing, and no long-term contracts, VPS2DAY offers a reliable hosting solution. 


After thoroughly evaluating VPS2DAY, it is clear that the company offers reliable, high-performance VPS hosting solutions. Because of its robust features, its value in the market is increasing daily.

VPS2DAY is an ideal choice for individuals and small businesses through its affordable pricing ranges. The 24/7 support and stable data centre further ensure a dependable hosting environment. With a wide range of affordable VPS plans and dedicated IPv6 server options, VPS2DAY stands out as a top choice for those seeking fast, secure, and flexible hosting solutions!

Frequency Asked Question

  1. What is VPS2DAY’s refund policy?

    VPS2DAy’s refund policy is not clear, but according to their cancellation policy, you have the right to revoke the agreement without providing grounds within 14 days.

  2. What are VPS2DAY’s support hours?

    VPS2DAY offers round-the-clock support 24 hours daily via mail, text, etc.

  3. Are there VPS2DAY’s hidden fees?

    No. VPS2DAy doesn’t have any hidden fees. For more detailed information, users can contact their sales team directly.

  4. Does VPS2DAY offer free website migrations?

    VPS2DAY’s official website does not mention any information about free migration; users can contact them directly for more details.

  5. How long is the VPS2DAY’s server setup process?

    In VPS2DAY, the server setup process will done in a few minutes, which ensures the fastest and efficient way for setup. Also, the fast server deployment allows you to be up and provided in 90 seconds.

  6. Does VPS2DAY Hosting Offer Extra Services?

    Yes. VPS2DAY offers various services for additional fees to its VPS plans, such as additional backup, traffic, SSD Disk space, etc. 

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