VPS Hosting Server – Top 5 Reliable VPS Hosting Providers

Hello folks out there, you must be seeking the Best VPS hosting server in 2021.

If yes, then your desire to get a web hosting provider that offers reliable, fast and cheap VPS hosting solutions ends here. 

We from HostReviewArea, In this review, will walk you through the list of the most popular VPS Hosting providers in today’s market.

Trust us!

After this review, you’ll get a clear idea about how the web hosting companies work and offer their VPS hosting plans to customers.

As we all know no one can simply deny or ignore the flexibility and power of the VPS servers. If someone wants a powerful yet budget-free hosting solution for medium-scale business or even for small ones, then what could be the better option then VPS Hosting.

Want to know why business experts prefer VPS hosting over any other hosting solutions? for that, you have to stick around.

So, before hopping into the list of VPS hosting servers. First, have a look at what exactly VPS hosting is. In case if you are relating this term with VPN, then guys are on the wrong boat.  VPN(Virtual Private Network) and VPS(Virtual Private server) are different terms. Anyways, let’s skip the details of VPN and cut to the chase.

What is VPS Hosting?

As you all know, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and it has emerged as an affordable and reliable hosting option that can help you access your data anywhere and anytime.

Though there are also other hosting solutions such as shared hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud hosting that also do the same thing, but there is a difference between them.

If we describe VPS Hosting in simple words, it is like a private flat in an apartment in which many people stay in condo, but everybody owns personal resources that do not have to be shared with other people. VPS is one of the most suitable and the most prevalent techniques of website hosting.

Every user on VPS has access to a virtual machine running its private copy of an operating system.

Best VPS Server Hosting Plans Compared & Reviewed

This list that we have boiled down covers all types of VPS hosting servers, from cheap hosting plans to robust features, a d. As we have mentioned above, some of them even offer free VPS trials.

So, let’s dive right into the list….

#1 Kamatera (1 month Free VPS Trial)

Top Pick
kamatera logo

Hosting Features

  • 99.95% Uptime
  • Operates both Windows and Linux OS
  • Fastest Intel Xeon Platinum/Cascade Lake processors
  • 40 Gbit Public and Private networking
  • SSD storage
  • Up to 140vCPU/server

Kamatera is a famous hosting company globally and is primarily known for its cloud service platform that can be custom-tailored to customers’ exact specifications.

Cloud service adds instant and limitless scalability to the VPS hosting where the virtual server is loaded with NVMe blazing fast SSD storage.

Moreover, if you want to try out Kamatera VPS Hosting service for free, get an advantage of their free trials and host a virtual system within 60 seconds.

Kamatera Pros and cons


  • No hardware maintenance needed
  • Excellent customer support
  • Simple backup and monitoring facility


  • No Knowledge base

Kamatera VPS Hosting Plans

Kamatera allows you to pay for what you use. It also allows you to modify specifications according to your site requirements.

Kamatera says: “Every Kamatera VPS hosting plan includes traffic to the internet of 1000 GB up to 5,000 GB (depends on the server data center location)


Start out small and scale up as required, pay only for what you use, cancel what you don’t need.
Kamatera’s cloud infrastructure makes pay as you go a reality.

You can start out with a single processor and move up to a cluster of 104-core, 512GB RAM servers. The best part is that you can scale – up or down – whenever you like, and you only pay for what you use.

Exceeding this will be charged at a flat rate of $0.01 per GB on all data centers”

As being a cloud server platform, kamatera offers customizable plans according to the needs of users rather than the predetermined plans.

Through their billing service, you can opt for whatever resources or specs you want to make your site powerful and only pay for them.

#2 Vultr – Free $100 Credit to Get Started

$50 free credit

Vultr Features

  • Free SSL certificates
  • CDN Add-on
  • Free Migration
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Automated Backups
  • Regular Security Patching
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • SSH and SFTP Access
  • Optimized With Advanced Caches
  • Unlimited Application Installation

Vultr hosting company provides high-performance solid-state drive cloud servers. Their primary focus is on VPS cloud services and hosting solutions for web devs.

The company was established in 2014, and till now, they have over 17 data centers across the globe. That is something we call progress. It’s not an easy task to launch this many data centers in a short period.

They have one of the best billing systems where they don’t charge you if the server is down or not working for days.

At present, they include features like powerful API, Root administration access, the latest generation of Intel CPUs, infinite OS combination, and many more, plus you check out their free VPS trials and experience their hosting service for free.

Vultr Pros and cons


  • Offers option between monthly or hourly billing
  • Great Uptime
  • World-class customer support


  • Many users have found the issues such as blocked SMTP
  • There are a few minors downside you can experience on servers

Vultr Plans

Just like kamatera, vultre also offers VPS hosting according to their customer needs. Plus, vultr also offers free trials in which you’ll get up to $100 credit.

Try Vultr for free – With $50 free credit!

Vultr Global Cloud Hosting – Brilliantly Fast SSD VPS Cloud Servers. 100% KVM Virtualization.

That means you can take full advantage of their free trial until the credit expires. You have to pay only for what resources; its pricing is conducted hourly. meaning.

However, with monthly limits not surpassing 28 days, you can’t spend more than 672 hours in any month.

#3 YouStable

Editors’ Choice
youstable logo

YouStable VPS Features

  • NVMe SSD technology
  • cPanel and Plesk control panel Support
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Lightspeed servers

YouStable is one of the popular Web hosting providers globally, mainly known for its cheap and reliable VPS hosting services.

YouStable doesn’t compromise with server performance while managing the cost. Their VPS hosting server is powered by AMD, which you’ll rarely see in the market.

So, If you want to experience full site loading speed, then YouStable is for you.

YouStable Pros & Cons


  • Affordable hosting services
  • Great Uptime
  • Fast servers
  • Free domain
  • Great tech support


  • No knowledge base
  • Customer service till 5 pm in India

YouStable VPS Hosting Servers Plans

Limited Time Offer – 75% Instant Off On VPS Hosting

Deploy faster & scale easier with an application server that saves your team time & money. Buy fully managed Cloud VPS server with 24×7 Customer Support by Email Phone Chat Support. Fully Managed Services. Monthly Billing. Free 24×7 Tech Support.

As you may see, VPS plans are generally high, but with YouStable, that’s not the case here. You’ll get a robust VPS hosting solution at only $9.96/m. Along with the features like:

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • NVMe SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Full Root Access
  • CyberPanel
  • VirtualisationKVM
  • Uptime 99.9%
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30-days refund policy

#4 InterServer – Flexible VPS Hosting Platform

interserver logo

InterServer VPS Features

  • High-Performance SSD Storage.
  • Deploy in 15 Minute
  • Easy Control Panel
  • 1 Public IP Address
  • Redundant Storage
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Backups and Snapshots
  • 24/7 Support
  • Cluster DNS
  • Multiple OS
  • RAID 10 protected servers
  • Server monitoring

Interserver has been dominating the market since 1999, and still, they hold the tag of an elite web hosting company.

Suppose you check out their reviews on host advice, Google or Trustpilot. Numerous people have posted +ve reviews about them. That’s what makes them the most trusted and reputed hosting company.

At present, they offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting at different prices. Alongside, you will get everything needed to power up your websites like unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificates, backups, security scans to a CDN, free website migration, and many more.

InterServer Pros & Cons


  • Great server uptime
  • Free site migration
  • Highly customizable VPS plans


  • Data centers are only located in the USA
  • VPS hosting is not suitable for non-techies

InterServer VPS Hosting Plans

Unlimited VPS Hosting – $0.1/M

With High-Speed SSD. KVM Based VPS Hosting Ensures Consistent Top-Notch Performance. Pre-installed cPanel. High Speed SSD Storage. Completely Customizable.

Interserver’s cloud VPS hosting plan starts from $6.00/m. Once you buy the programs, it will begin charging you according to the resources(CPU, RAM, Storage, Data transfer) you choose.

#5 BlueHost – Next-Gen VPS Hosting

Free Domain
30 Day Refund

BlueHost VPS Features

  • Easy-to-use, customized cPanel
  • Free site builders
  • Free domain-specific email addresses
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Technology to support fast page load times
  • Cloudflare integration (speeds your site loading)
  • Free SSL certificate

BlueHost is absolutely a good choice for beginners, but if you are looking for tech support from them, then you might be expecting something that they lack in.

Otherwise, their VPS products work fine. Bluehost has been around a long time since 2003. And they offer all kinds of hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and Cloud hosting.

But they only have one Datacenter which is in the U, S and BlueHost is not a bad option for US people, but if you are outside of the US, then ay feel some server issues.

BlueHost Pros & Cons


  • Automatic Malware scan
  • Microsoft 365 for email hosting


  • No automatic backups
  • High renewal prices
  • Only 1 Datacenter

BlueHost VPS Hosting Plans

BlueHost VPS plans are a bit higher than others. Its basic plan starts at $19.99/m that comes with

  • 2 Cores
  • 30 GB SSD Storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 IP Address
  • cPanel/WHM

Later on, you can upgrade plans as per your requirement.

Is VPS hosting the right option for you?

Whether VPS hosting is the right option for you or not all depends upon your website traffic and your technical knowledge.

If your website is experiencing high rising traffic levels and your current hosting plan is not coping with it. Then we recommend you switch to a VPS hosting server.

Since VPS hosting servers are far better than shared hosting ones in terms of fast loading sites, high-level security, sufficient resources and more.

But if we talk about dedicated hosting solutions as they are more potent than VPS one’s yet the VPS servers are cheaper than Dedicated ones.

But Dedicated Hosting servers aren’t suitable for everyone until and unless you own a large business website because, in dedicated hosting, you are renting an entire physical server that’s entirely dedicated to your site.

So, in a nutshell, the VPS server acts as a combination between shared hosting and dedicated hosting server.

And If you have some technical knowledge of VPS servers and can easily manage your VPS Account, upgrade your current hosting server to a VPS hosting server.

How to Choose Best VPS Hosting Server Provider?

If you step inside the web hosting market, there are plenty of options you’ll come across, but it’s hard to find which one is the best in terms of performance and quality services.

And if you blindly hit any regular hosting service, then it may cost you a lot. Perhaps there are chances you’ll end up being a fool.

So, be smart and look for the following features if you want a robust hosting experience.

  • Sufficient Resources:

When choosing a VPS hosting server, make sure that the plans may offer sufficient resources like CPU, Latest SSD technology, RAM, and bandwidth.

  • High-level security:

Malicious programs like DDoS, spam, and malware can harm your site in many ways. So choose a hosting provider that can deal with these attacks.

  • Technical support:

VPS hosting is a bit more technical than shared hosting and requires tech skills, so excellent technical support can reduce much of your Hassel. At last, you should be comfortable with the backend of your server. 

  • Uptime:

Uptime is a measure of system reliability, expressed as the percentage of time a machine; typically a computer has been working and available.

Uptime is one of those essential factors that you should always look up to because web hosting providers can either increase your website performance by offering excellent Uptime or ruin your website growth.

So make sure to look for excellent Uptime service, so your site faces less downtime.

  • Quality server hardware:

The performance of your website depends on many factors, and hardware is one of them. Keep an eye on Intel processor RAID drives to achieve your website’s maximum potential.

There are plenty of other features out there, but these are the essential features that everyone should look up to.

Get started with VPS Hosting Server today

So, I guess you finally made your mind about going with a VPS Hosting Server.

Here are some steps that will help in buying and setting up a VPS hosting server today.

First of all, we’ll start with basic steps on how to purchase VPS hosting plans from any respective hosting provider.

  • On your browser open the web hosting page from where you want to purchase VPS hosting.
  • Then Navigate to their VPS plans, there you’ll see a variety of VPS plans from basics to advance which comes in both Linux and Windows OS.
  • Select the basic one and click on the buy button. And then the company asks for your card details and will charge you according to the plan you have applied for.

Now, what to do after buying VPS and how to set up a VPS server?

  • After completing the payment process visit your account page.
  • Then select the server option, there it will show a new account displaying Virtual private server.
  • Then, look for a manage button and click on it.
  • This will take you to create your server page and now it says you fill in the credentials details that are required by the automated system in order to create a VPS server for you.
  • After you filled up the credentials. The next step is to select the Datacenter.
  • Then it will ask you to choose the operating system and after the selection of the operating server click on create server button.

That’s all you have to do, even after implementing all these steps. If you still find any issue regarding setting up a VPS server then contact your customer support.

Which VPS host is the cheapest?

Look, you’ll get the cheapest hosting services easily in the market, but can you rely on that? Always remember cheap hosting providers are only capable of managing small websites. But there is an exception in the case of Youstable. You can rely on  YouStable because their sole purpose is to offer robust VPS hosting solutions at affordable prices.

How much is VPS hosting?

The cost of VPS hosting depends upon the resources you want to use and how often you expect to make changes in them. But one thing is sure that VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting plans.

Why is VPS so expensive?

The reason why VPS is so expensive is that the features you’ll get with VPs servers are expensive ones like RAID SSD storage, Cpanel, blazing fast servers like lightspeed, and Apache. Overall the stable and powerful hardware makes it so expensive.

How do I host my VPS?

In short, the first thing you need to do is get VPS hosting from a reliable VPS hosting platform.

  • Then connect to the remote server
  • Update the system.
  • Configuring your server
  • Configuring your database
  • Upload Your files using SFTP

If you want more details about web hosting services then you can comment below your queries. And for further web hosting reviews check out our other hosting articles on HostReviewArea.

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